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The middle mount is a side mount designed for all but the largest of camera packages. It provides 100 degrees of pan, tilt and roll, making it ideal for air to air, air to ground, scenic aerials or fast action sequences. Straight forward tracking shots can be made by crabbing the helicopter, though wind conditions may not always make this possible.

With its counterbalanced free-floating and gyro-stabilised mount arm, the middle mount helps deliver stable and dynamic images. The operator sits within with the mount and has direct ‘hands on’ control, giving a natural ‘organic’ feel to camera moves.

Key Features:
 HD preview monitor
Frame rates from 1 to 120 frames per second – or more
Full remote control of frame rate, shutter angle and ISO
Long record times (when used in conjunction with the Cinedeck field recorder
Iris control
Zoom control

Technical Summary:
Focal range: Wide to medium-long
Point-of-view:  Side (left or right). Forward tracking shots sometimes possible
Maximum Camera weight: 27kg
Movement: Pan, Tilt, Roll.
Install time: 2 hrs min
Stabilization: Brute gyros

FAA STC approved for:
Eurocopter AS350 / AS355 (Astar / TwinStar)
Bell 206 / 206L (Jet Ranger / Long Ranger)

Optimum Camera Types:
Digital 2/3 inch: All types
Digital 35mm: Sony F65, Arri Alexa, Red and almost any other make.
35 and 16mm Film Cameras: Arriflex 435, 235, 35-3, 416, 16SR-2&3 and Panavision