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In partnership with Team 5 in LA we offer the Hydra six Epic Dragon Array for the most advanced VFX plate work featuring about 25K resolution per frame.

Hydra synchronises six Red Dragon 6K cinema cameras fitted with colour matched 24mm lenses to enable motion picture productions to capture panoramic images with high dynamic range and ultra high resolutions.

The system streamlines the sometimes complex process of creating background plates for digital compositing by capturing 36K of images with a greater than 150 degree field of view.

Thus Hydra allows aerial units to shoot panoramic backgrounds that can be seamlessly matched to foreground images by visual effects supervisors. These virtually distortion-free images are recorded alongside platform metadata that includes GPS positioning as well as the heading and camera angles of each discreet frame.

Via a long line stand the Hydra as well the single camera K1 can be suspended from 50 to 150 feet below a production’s camera helicopter. Hydra can also be mounted on cranes and camera cars.

The Hydra system consists of six Epic Dragons fitted with
colour matched 24mm lenses.

VFX Plates with:

– 151 degree horizontal field of view

– 64 degree vertical field of view

– 36K of imaging data

“With Shotover you’ll get shots not possible to achieve with any other mount”